Want to Know What People are Saying about You?

Sometimes I think I should rename this blog “social media makes me glad I’m not in high school anymore,” or something along those lines. Even though social media tools can do a lot of good, there are always new uses popping-up that make me cringe. Enter AboutEveryone: a new website that allows people to anonymously share what they really think about you.

To comment or view a profile, simply paste the Facebook URL of the person-in-question into the search box on the homepage. If there is already a comment about them, it will appear underneath a textbox for your own submission. If not, you can be the first to leave a comment.

Since the site appears to be pretty new, I bit the bullet and searched for myself.  There are no posts at this time and I am not masochistic enough to check again. However, I know for some people growing up online, the temptation to check again and again may be tough to resist. Just reading some of the recent comments on the homepage remind me of being cyberstalked when I was younger, in a time considerably before social media.

Maybe I am just pearl-clutching here, but thinking of how AboutEveryone will be used makes me uneasy in the same way that sites like formspring do, except that the new site opens you up for commentary whether you ask for it or not.

I’m sure everyone has an eye roll-inducing facebook connection or two, but do those thoughts really need to go public?

Source: cnet News

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